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I build brands for people, businesses and places; I create visual identities, branded environments, logos, print, websites and
art directing.

Hey, I'm Reut

Recent clients

Interface Design Consultant, product design

I provided visual research, user experience, and branding services to help small businesses create successful, user-friendly products. My work includes defining target audiences, selecting color schemes and fonts, designing layouts and widgets. 

Websites on Wix

Builder  Editor X

Builder Wix Editor

Builder Wix Editor

Neta Vizel

Builder Wix Editor

Builder Wix Editor


Builder Wix Editor

Builder Wix Editor

Dori Regev artist

Builder Wix Editor

As a Wix website designer with more than a decade of experience, I take pride in providing tailored and efficient services to each and every client. From defining goals and target audiences to creating unique graphic language that includes branding, colors, fonts and visuals, I work closely with each client to ensure their website accurately represents their character. 

Playing around with WIx Studio

I've been exploring the capabilities of the new Studio editor and I'm absolutely loving it! With Studio, I'm able to create designs that are not only visually stunning, but also highly functional. 

Website design

In this project I designed visuals that showcased the company's product in a clear and attractive way. Also designed their website, ensuring that every element seamlessly fit together.

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